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uk qualityStorage of printing rubber roller

Good rubber rollers will give perfect printing for a long time if they are carefully treated. Certain conditions can considerably shorten the life of rollers and they are as follows :-
  • Heat
  • Damp
  • Solvents
  • Solvent Vapour
  • Ozone, and
  • Ultra Violet Light

Covered rollers should never rest on the covering. Storage should preferably be in the wooden boxes supplied, otherwise supported or suspended on shaft.

UKO RUBBER INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD. is capable of formulation all kinds of compound recipe for each particular usage. Different recipe will be design for each particular type of rubber products if the following condition is given.
  • How is it use
  • Hardness
  • Is it solvent resistance
  • Is it heat resistance
  • It is oil resistance
  • Abrasion